Pugh's Catalogue of Cacti and Succulents

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 Cacti and Succulents: Mixed Trays

We offer a wide range of plant types, giving you a varied choice of species and sizes. The cactus selections vary throughout the year to give your customers a wider choice of plants at their best. They are  especially attractive to children and first-time buyers. A special selection of flowering cacti is available in Spring and early Summer.

Code 0000:  Mixed selection of 5.5cm Ø pots, 42 plants per tray.





Code 0017:  Mixed selection of 6.5cm Ø pots, 20 plants per tray.






Code 0024:  Mixed selection of 8.5cm Ø pots, 18 plants per tray.






Code 0062: Mixed selection of 12cm Ø pots, 12 plants per tray.







Code 0079: Mixed selection of 15cm Ø pots, 6 plants per tray.




Grafted Variegated Cacti

These variegated cacti originated in Japan, their colours having originally occurred naturally on normal green plants. These coloured forms are now propagated by grafting. We grow then in 6.5 cm Ø pots to give you good stability and better value for your customers.

Code 0086:  Selection of grafted variegated cacti in 6.5cm Ø pots, 20 plants per tray.


Choice Selection of Cacti

This assortment is specially selected to attract the more discerning buyer and collectors of cacti. The mix includes an attractive range of collectable species, some of which are grown from habitat-collected seed.

Code 0093:  Selection of Collectors' cacti in 5.5cm Ø pots, 20 plants per tray.