Pugh's Catalogue of Cacti and Succulents

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Pot Covers


These are ideal as linked sales since the range is specially selected to fit our standard pot sizes.

Aztec Pot Covers in Various Designs (Top two pictures)

Size cm Ø Pack Size Code
10.5 6 4077
8.5 8 4060
6.5 10 4053
5.0 12 4046

Allsorts Pot Covers (Bottom picture)

Code 4121: Assorted patterns, 6cm Ø, sold in packs of 5


Empty Buckets

Size cm Ø Pack Size Code
11.0 1 4169
8.5 1 4152
6.5 1 4146
5.5 1 4138



Novelty Pot Covers

Code ????:  A fun selection of assorted designs, sold as singles. Not always available




Empty Bowls

Sold as singles. The table below shows the sizes in the same order as the picture.

Size cm Ø 19cm rib 16cm rib 13cm rib 11cm rib 11cm bell 9cm bell
Code 4176 5036 5043 5029 5012 5005

Cactus/Succulent Gravel

Ideal for use as an additive to a growing medium to improve aeration, or as a top dressing.

Code 3001:  Bag of 0.9kg (2lb), sold in packs of 30 bags