Pugh's Catalogue of Cacti and Succulents

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Code 1007: A selection of succulents in 5.5cm Ø pots, 20 plants per tray






Code 1014:  A selection of succulents in 8.5cm Ø pots, 18 plants per tray


 Aloe vera

The medicinal properties of Aloe vera are said to be beneficial for some skin complaints, particularly burns.

Pots cm Ø No. per tray Code
10.5 12 1038
12 8 1045


These fascinating plants are native to South Africa where their patterns mimic their surroundings. For this reason, they are known as 'living stones'. An interesting feature is the annual renewal of their bodies by shedding the dried-up skin of the previous year's leaves, like a snake! Each tray includes a selection of species, each with their characteristic patterns and colour.

Code 1052:  A selection of Lithops in 5.5cm Ø pots, 20 plants per tray


Money Plants (Crassula argentea)

Pots cm Ø No. per tray Code
8.5 18 1021
12 8 1083



Aeoniums (Canary Island Tree Houseleeks)

The purple-leafed form of this architectural succulent, marginally hardy and suitable as an outdoor garden plant in the south-west of England

Pots cm Ø No. per tray Code
8.5 18 1069
12 12 1076

Codes 7009 to 7023

Specimen Aeoniums in various sizes sold in singles, only available in season